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Common Misconceptions About Therapy

Going to therapy is not a sign of weakness. Having the ability to recognize when you need or want help is a sign of high self-awareness and choosing to seek help is incredibly brave. This act of self-compassion alone is noted as strength.

Going to therapy is not always a sign that someone is struggling. People seek out therapy for various reasons including, to process a past or current experience, to gain understanding about themself and their life, to cope with a situation, to learn and develop new coping skills, to maintain their mental health and prevent future mental health challenges.

Going to therapy is not an instant solution. Therapy is commonly mislabeled as a ‘quick fix’. Therapy often takes commitment, effort, and time to see the effects of therapy in everyday life.

Going to therapy is not a tragedy. Many often assume that everyone is therapy for an unfortunate reason. Regardless of the reason, being able to attend therapy is a positive thing. Going to therapy is a responsible and preventative action to prioritize one’s mental health.

Going to therapy is not just venting to a stranger. Venting is a one-sided process aimed to release emotions to gain temporary relief. Therapy is a personalized intervention with a professional, to collaborate on skills, perspectives, and solutions aimed to improve overall long-term wellness.


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