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Healthy Relationship Affirmations

When reflecting on connections and relationships, consider how things are going for you and your partner(s) in general. As you go through the list, independently or with your partner(s), think about the current relationship(s) you’re in, a past relationship, or a new relationship you are considering. While these affirmations focus more on romantic, emotional, sexual and/or physical connections, some affirmations may also be helpful while considering other types of relationships in your life.

My partner and I are free to be ourselves

We are able to express our true, authentic selves around each other. We both feel autonomous in the relationship. We have our own distinct identify, personality, hobbies, interests, friendships, and preferences. We do not try to control or manipulate each other regarding friendships, self-expression, or what we do with our time.

My partner and I respect each other

We respect each other’s boundaries. We do not push each other beyond limits or cross boundaries intentionally. We show regard for one another’s responsibilities, plans, and time. We do not put each other down or attempt to humiliate each other.

My partner and I trust each other

Trust can take time to build, and we are always working toward it. We don’t break promises, we follow through on commitments, and we are always honest about intentions. We have each other’s best interests at heart.

My partner and I support each other

We both feel cared for and appreciated. We show support by listening, helping, etc. We are thoughtful and kind to each other.

My partner and I feel safe and secure, emotionally, and physically

My partner and I listen to each other and feel safe to express ourselves. We feel that we can bring up concerns and considerations, to work through problems together. We don’t use threats or fear-provoking statements to manipulate each other into doing things. To better understand the signs of dating violence and domestic abuse (click on the link for more info).

My partner and I are equals in the relationship

My partner views me as an equal to them and I view my partner as my equal. We attempt to exert the same amount of effort into the relationship. There is not a power differential in our relationship.

My partner and I practice open communication

We openly talk about needs, emotions, desires, hopes, fears, and ideas. We demonstrate genuine concern for each other’s emotions. We are comfortable being honest about thoughts and feelings.

My partner and I are connected in ways that feel fulfilling

We have a connection and relationship dynamics that work for us. Our relationship feels safe, mutual, and consensual. We have bonds that may include emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, intellectual, and other types of connections. We make efforts to be present with one another and available in times of need.

Hopefully these relationship affirmations can help you and your partner reflect on your relationship(s). These affirmations can be used as a checklist for evaluating the progress or maintained state of your relationship(s). Please refer to this list of healthy relationship affirmations as needed.


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