Namaste Wellness Center
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Our Team

We treat the mind body and soul

The team at Namaste Chicago is here to help. 

Our Story

At Namaste, we do this work because we truly care.

We are here because we want to make a difference in the world and help people feel more connected, supported, and to know that you are not alone. Our hope is that we can support you, as you embark on the often life-changing journey that is counseling. We will help you do the work to successfully process, grow and overcome the challenges that you are facing so you can move forward towards greater work/life balance and peace. We thank you for being here, and for taking this important step towards healing and greater wellbeing. 

Meet The Team



The clinicians at Namaste became counselors because we believe in the power that therapy has to transform lives. Many of us have a close friend or family member impacted by mental health conditions.

We do this work to help fight and eventually end mental health stigma. At Namaste, we want to help our clients to prosper and achieve success and work life balance.


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