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Therapy was such a healing process for me. It was much more supportive and collaborative than I expected. I am now much less anxious and my depression is manageable. I have grown exponentially as a person professionally and personally. I can now honestly say that I don't know what I was nervous about or waiting for and I wish I started sooner.


Individual and group counseling helped me to communicate better and confidently share my strengths and expertise with the world. I also became better at managing timelines and expectations at work. I even was able to stop taking my medication for ADHD that was a huge goal of mine for years. I am so grateful for this experience.


I had a tough time recovering from a sports injury and it was impacting my progress at work and my self-confidence. Through therapy, I was able to increase self-care and mindfulness strategies and found a way to love my body as is with or without pain.


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